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School Policies


Many of our young dolphins carry cell phones, wear smart watches, or have other portable technology with them. Our policy is to require these devices be stowed in backpacks in the OFF position during the instructional day. If technology is used during the  school day it will be removed to the office and parents will be asked to retrieve it from the Principal. Point Fermin Marine Science Magnet and the LAUSD do not take responsibility for the safety of these articles.  


The school will NOT investigate stolen cell phones. Their security is the sole responsibility of the student.


Students may not use their cell phones to make phone calls on campus at any point during the school day. In turn, we ask parents who need to speak to their children during the day to contact them through our office. Students always have access to our phones to contact family members.


We realize that having to pick up a student's phone may be inconvenient and therefore we recommend you discuss this policy with your student in order to avoid this problem. Confiscated phones will be labeled with the student's name and kept in the main office until the parent takes possession.


Point Fermin Marine Science Magnet does not assume responsibility for cell phones or technology that is lost, stolen, or broken. The school will not pay for technology that are lost, stolen, or broken by staff members after confiscation of the devices. Students who bring technology to school take full responsibility and ownership of their own electronic devices.