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4th Grade

Fourth Grade: The Stingrays
Fourth Grade: The Stingrays

Fourth Grade Marine Science Curriculum

Fourth Grade students study the Coral Reef and Kelp Forest ecology. They dig deeper into the characteristics of a marine science biome and deepen understanding about the location, climate, soil, plants and animals that make up these environments. 


Fourth graders also participate in field trips to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium's Exploration Center, Aquatic Nursery and Sea Search Class. They also go to Cabrillo Beach to participate in the "Project Sea" program. In class their lessons are infused with cutting edge technology that includes learning how to program and print on a 3-D printer. 


Students in the Fourth grade may take trips to the rocky beach along the coast and to the Point Vicente Interpretative Center to compliment their focus on California's rich geographical and cultural history.


A highlight of fourth grade is a trip to sail on the Top Sail Tall Ships to culminate lessons taught throughout the year focusing on California history and geography.

Fourth Grade Teachers
Julene Spinosa Teacher
Yesenia Zavala Teacher