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Parent Involvement Compact

Parent Involvement Compact

 Point Fermin Marine Magnet Elementary School                                                         


Parent Involvement Policy

Point Fermin Elementary School believes that the home and the school should work together so that each child may reach his/her highest potential. Point Fermin Elementary School recognizes that a combined effort and understanding between the teachers, parents, and students is vital to the continued growth and achievement of all children.


 Parent Involvement Policy

  • Point Fermin Elementary School will invite all parents to an annual Title 1 meeting to inform them of the Parent Involvement Policy.
  • Parent meetings will be held at times most convenient for parents. These times will be flexible and may be held in the mornings, afternoons, or after school.
  • Parents will be included in the planning, review, and improvement of programs, including the Parent Involvement Policy. This is acomplished through the monthly meetings of the School Site Council (SSC), and  the Compensatory Education Committee (CEAC).
  • Parents will be informed of the curriculum standards and school programs via the yearly enrollment packet and by ongoing communications from the classroom teacher.
  • Point Fermin Elementary will explain and describe the curriculum and assessment methods used to measure student progress by: 

o   Providing inservices concerning curriculum standards and assessments at SSC and CEAC meetings

o   Teacher communications at Back to School Night, Open House, and parent conferences as well as written communications


Compact for High Student Achievement

  • The staff and parents of Point Fermin Elementary have contributed to the elements included in the Parent/School/Home Compact.  The Compact describes the responsibilities of each party.  It will be reviewed annually and revised if necessary.
  • Each spring the ELAC and CEAC will review the compact and edit as necessary in preparation for the next school year.
  • The compact will be sent home with the Parent Involvement Policy at the beginning of the school year to be signed and returned promptly.
  • The compact will  be reviewed by the classroom teacher, parent, and student at the first parent conference. 


Building Capacity for Involvement

The parents of Point Fermin Elementary will be given opportunities to learn and understand the academic content standards that their children are studying.  They will also learn ways in which to help their children at home.  Point Fermin Elementary will provide parents with opportunities for learning at:

o   Back to School Night

o   Open House

o   Parent Conferences

o   Math and Literacy Presentations

o   CEAC meetings

o   PTO Meetings

  • Point Fermin Elementary staff will seek ways to increase parental involvement through pertinent discussions at staff meetings.
  • Point Fermin Elementary will send home monthly newsletters that include specific events that parents can be involved in at school.
  • The principal will share important announcements with the school community through the Telephone Answering Service Communication System.
  • The CEAC will report to the School Site Council.



Point Fermin Elementary will to every extent possible, provide access and opportunities for parents to participate.  All parents are welcome including parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and Title 1 parents.  Point Fermin will provide translators at parent conferences and meetings if deemed necessary.  The campus is also wheelchair accessible.


Teacher Responsibilities

As a teacher I will carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability.

  • Communicate with parents regarding each student’s progress 

o   Provide high quality and rigorous grade level instruction aligned to the state standards

o   Strive to meet the individual needs of all students

o   Class work and homework expectations  clearly communicated to students and parents

o   Provide a safe and stimulating learning environment

o   Come to work each day prepared and excited to teach


Student Responsibilities

  I know that learning is important.  I realize that I have to be responsible for my own actions.  I will try my best to succeed.  I will carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability.

o   Be a cooperative learner

o   Get to class on time every day

o   Return completed homework on time

o   Ask for help when needed

o   Follow the three B’s: Be safe, be respectful, be responsible

o   Read for 20 minutes every day after school 


Parent Responsibilities

 I understand that being involved with my child’s learning is important.  My positive influence will help my child to succeed.  I will carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability.

o   Provide a quiet place and time for my child to do homework

o   Check my child’s homework for completeness

o   Make sure my child gets to bed at a reasonable time

o   Make sure my child gets to school on time each day

o   Make time to get involved with the PTO and help out at school any way I can

o   Attend Back to School Night, Open House, and Parent Conferences

o   Check my child’s backpack, read all school communications and return forms that need to be signed

o   Support the school’s discipline policies

o   Spend at least 15 minutes each day talking with my child, asking questions and having fun!